Welcome to GalaxyVentures

Galaxy Ventures is a community of visionaries and entrepreneurs. Its membership is composed of professional traders who successfully trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. We are successful and specialized in De-Fi and the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality

Step 1

Register for an account with us. Make sure to use the code you were supplied by your referrer for your registration to be successful. If you were already registered, login with your valid credentials to access your dashboard/backend/portal.

Step 2

Explore and look around the portal for an appropriate package to purchase. All the information regarding which package or license is suitable for you can be found in your dashboard. You will also find many material resources in video and document format available in the portal.

Step 3

Invite your friends and like-minded investors using your own referral code. This will earn you compensation with every successful invite. Connect as many referrals as possible and earn from their subsequent invites through our excelent referral program.


Enjoy your investment journey and explore new products as soon as they are launched. Climb the success ladder and be recognized as a global leader with GalaxyVentures .

Crypto Coins


What's interesting about GalaxyVentures

Choose to work with us for as long as you want.


Integrating the very best of crypto marketing and exchange techniques to deliver a futuristic trading experience.


Galaxy Ventures came with a De-Fi opportunity to make all those coins useful where you can use anywhere


We bring you the opportunity to explore the future of digital finance as an early entrant


Our De-Fi system for exchange helps transfer, sell, purchase and exchange as easy as 1, 2, 3!


No More Useless Coins,Trading has helped us develop an innovative opportunity for cryptocurrency users to use offline as well.


Galaxy Ventures has the unique system that makes the crypto industry real, attractive and more possible throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start?

To be eligible for this company's partnership you must be above 18 years old.

You also have to use a referral code when joining. If you don't have a referral code, you can still register but some features will not be available to you.

How to get a valid referral code?

Get in touch with one of the many founding members and early adopters.

You can do this by attending local and international leadership summits and meetings. Doing so and interracting with community members is the first step to joining. You can also get a referral code through a referral link in your email or through other messaging services. You will also be able to share your referral code upon successful registration.

How do I gain access to the various services and products of the company?

You can only access and purchase products and licenses through your backend portal. Register for an account and choose a product suitable for you. Other products can also be accessed through our metaverse portal or via our e-commerce platform.

Do I need cryptocurrency to purchase products?

No. Although our prefered method for purchases is cryptocurrency, we also accept fiat currency and other facilities like our very own credit facilities under our DeFi platform.

We accept stable cryptocurrency tokens like USDT but you can still use our GalaxyVentures Exchanger program to convert your crypto currency tokens to more acceptable tokens.

Is there a relation to Project Galaxy?

Yes and No.

The project is an early adopter of project galaxy and we have decided to peg our initial assets on this fast-rising token. We however are not affiliated to project galaxy in any way.

Where is the company based?

Our headquates are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We also have a presence in most Arab countries, Europe, South East Asia and Africa.